Management Experience
Expert team each with 30 years of international experience (CEO/COO/SVP/6 successful start-ups).
Successful across several international companies in USA, Europe and India (start-up to large pharma).
Unique combination of competencies: Technical, Commercial, Management, Strategy, & Funding with over 200    deals across 35 countries including $60 billion merger, over $1 billion of funding raised, $2 billion in global     product launch experiences.
Last worked as CEOs of US and India of a pan-European pharma company; Set up a Global Technology Center     in India, starting from ground zero up to 60 member multi-functional technical team; created 14 member global     specialty generic pharma company,     and handled 20 EU countries and the U.S.A.
Wide reach with top management of companies.
Successful Joint Ventures with Indian, European, and Asia companies from biotechs to global companies.
MBA and Ph.D. leadership with 80 years of work experience from USA and Europe.
Collaboration Network: Avista Pharma USA (formulation to small scale cGMP), Biopharm Global USA     (r.egulatory), Lacerta Bio USA (business development assessments & services), Rysgaard & Partners Denmark     (Europe pharma), Dave Law Group USA, and array     of global service providers.