Typical Requirements Of Outside Companies To Deal With India
How to leverage....
Low cost base
Depth of technical talent pool
EU/FDA approved facilities for manufacturing, FR&D, API R&D, BE studies
Integration of India strengths with their own operations in EU/USA/RoW for strategies & headcounts
Without incurring costs & management burden of having own presence in India.
Effectively through local presence....
Strong local administrator to manage operations who ---
has diverse technical+commercial knowledge base to manage cross-functional teams
has international experience to envision & implement integrated strategies for diverse needs
has access to top management of Indian companies
can provide a single window dealings.
Maintain strict confidentiality of information
Reliability and quality of deliverables within agreed lead times
Establish & maintain strategic partnerships
Managing agreements and price negotiations
Project Management of manufacturing supplies, R&D projects, Tech Transfers
Constructively managing deviations and unexpected situations